ProfEdit offers professional academic editing services. We specialise in editing for ESL authors.


Behind ProfEdit is a skilled and experienced team of senior academics and high-level academic researchers with many years of editing and publishing experience.


Our editing team are all native English speakers and are passionate about language and writing. Let us help you take your writing to the next level!



We guarantee:


  • a professional and timely service.
  • open communication throughout the process: you can contact us any time
  • you retain ultimate control over the content of your document
  • confidentiality: your work is never shared with anyone outside ProfEdit.



Our editing services adhere to a high professional standard. We have a strict quality assurance policy that ensures your work gets the level of attention it requires at every step of the editing process.



Please note that factual accuracy is the responsibility of the author. ProfEdit takes no responsibility for any factual inaccuracy.

We do not take any responsibility for any potential legal problems due to content (e.g., copyright infringement, plagiarism, libel, obscenity, privacy violations).



How do I submit my document?

Go to the ‘Get a free Price Estimate’ page where you can fill in our form and submit your document.


How do I pay?

Once we have assessed your work, we will send you an invoice with a fixed price. The invoice has a ‘pay now’ button from where you can pay directly by credit card.


Is payment safe with you?

Yes. All payments are handled by PayDirectOnline™ which is a secure and PCI DSS compliant payment service.


What currency are your prices based on?

All our prices are based on Australian Dollars. Please contact us if you wish to discuss payment in a different currency.


Do I pay upfront?

Yes. We require upfront payment.


What files do you work with?

We prefer to work with files in Microsoft Word format but can work with other formats.


Is your website secure?

Yes. Our website is secured by a [name] SSL certificate.


What if I have a complaint?

If you are not satisfied with our service or have any queries, please contact us via our website or directly (



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